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8D Video

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Michael J said

at 6:09 pm on Jan 15, 2011

I see NMEX - Info tokens that emerging from cycles of Notice.Mull. Engage. As the geometry is rotated, it eliminates the Noise coming from Time/Space specific manifestations. It's the Noise of the Real World that obfuscates instead of clarifies.

Suggests to me that it might be useful to consider that NME is the class of info tokens that include genes, memes and lumenes as sub classes. One might consider that some NME are "behavior determined" emerging at specific Times and from Specific Places. Occurs to me that it might be useful to consider Rural v Urban Bplaces or "Safe" v "Risk"y Bplaces or Rich v Poor Bplaces.

Lots to mull. But i have to say this is resonating pretty strongly with me. Looking forward to other's take on it.

Daniel Durrant said

at 9:34 pm on Jan 16, 2011

Are there any components of a narrative fractal that can be mapped into this? This is opening up a lot of possibility that I'm not sure is quite yet ready to map, but my gut tells me there is something monumental here.

Michael J said

at 1:52 am on Jan 17, 2011


I have a similar feeling that there is some kind of big deal hidden here. For reasons I still don't understand the sequence from :41 to :54 seems like maybe something to do with Narrative Fractal.

Daniel Durrant said

at 11:28 am on Jan 18, 2011

I really want to figure out what the 248 fundamental symmetries could be. The symmetries of a gauge group can be described by a pattern of points in eight dimensions which we need to understand deeply if we are to map them into ebDish. I've begun to analyse E8 here http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/107, but I need some serious focus & mull time to really get a hang of what this theory is capable of explaining.

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