Organizational String Theory

New page to allow for focused discussion on what I've dubbed Organizational String Theory. 


Context/Background: Below is an e-mail that I sent to Michael after an extended conversation regarding "Organizational String Theory."  We were exploring for and evaluating candidates for the #ebDish equivalent to a "string" i.e. the most basic building block of the universe.  Beliefs, Values, Nfractal strings, and ECWaves were some of things we considered.


Below is an email I sent to Michael after what felt like an intuitive lightning bolt.


If WE are the source of ECWaves then, by extension those waves emanate from our Narratives- which carry the Risk/Benefit & Threat/Opportunity definitions- that shape our RTubes/Spheres.  They pulse & send out ECWaves. 


When, like sonar, they strike data/info in the environment the waves bounce back & cause the NFractal strings to vibrate triggering Notice. Sonar, however, is an active detection method that has an effect on whatever it detects.  A submarine struck by sonar reflects the signal back but the sonar also causes the sub to vibrate.  Like String Theory strings, the way it vibrates determines its properties in the “visible world.” 


If the ECWaves that we generate are a product of our Narrative & Rtube/Sphere and state of mind then they probably carry some level of perspective/perception bias. Example: if my state of mind is fearful I will be sending out fearful ECWaves.  When those fearful waves strike information they cause the information to vibrate and reflect back.  In this case, they would vibrate at the frequency of the wave that struck them- fearfulness. 


Again, the vibration of the string determines its properties in the “visible world” so we would be likely to perceive the information through the perspective lens of fearfulness and our Mull process could go like this: 1) “This looks scary.”  2) “This could hurt me.” 3) “I should avoid this.”  Each step in the sequence is predicated on the preceding step. 


The final result, Engage, would be to Avoid. 


An action in the real world that is driven by environmental information.  Information struck by our own ECWaves, caused to vibrate in a particular way, and that reflects our ECwaves back to our Narrative strings where our Risk/Benefit & Threat/Opportunity definitions are stored.  Incidentally, this is why the “virtue” Clarity resides in the middle.  Without it, our state of mind can and will alter what we see or how we see it. 


And we wonder why orgs do dumb things…