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EBdish Visual Iteration 3

Page history last edited by Michael J 9 years, 10 months ago

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Image by @emergentInsight




The panarchy has 4 phases in which an organization will find itself: Exploit (r), Conserve (K), Release (Ω), and Reorganize (α). This diagram is pointing to the phenomenon that within an organization "members"  ( framed in EbDish as Rtubes ) have personal/internal panarchies that  affect the way they "Notice ECWaves." Point of view, conceptual framework, mindset, information filter all point to a similar phenomenon. 


For this iteration "Red' is said to indicate a Risk Heavy Panarchy, Green  to indicate a Benefit Heavy Panarchy. Blue to indicate a Neutral Panarchy , Grey a Balanced Panarchy.


For example, the Red Rtube is in Release (Ω). With a Red Panarchy, it will be more attuned to more Noticing Red Heavy NME Complexes. As NME fit into the operative Risk Nfractal it reinforces the Release state. The opposite trend is for the Benefit Heavy Nfractal to attract Green Heavy NME Complexes. The ability to Notice "Benefit NME " reinforces the Benefit Nfractal which acts to encourage Benefit focused behavior in response to changing environment.


When the Top  Rtube (level One)  and its surrounding NFractal double helix are well formed  the likelihood is that subsidiary Rtubes will be in sync. While they may be in different  panarchic phases from the Level One parent, they will be able to Notice similar NME and Feel the ECwaves into which they are embedded.


Each personal Rtube is bounded by their own NFractal double helix. The Risk attuned "Story" and the Benefit attuned "Story." Level 2,3,and 4 decisions are ruled by Avoiding Risk and Increasing Benefit. The Rtube perception of Risk and Benefit is determined by the proximate Nfractal double helix surrounding their local Rtube.


The proximate NFractal double helix is affected by the Level One Nfractal, but not determined by it. Rather it contains some NME complexes that come from Level One, but many more that come from Xhange Peer Level Rtubes. It's complicated further by Nfractal strings to Rtubes that are outside the organization.


The theory is this process begins to capture a mechanism for the importance of weak links and small human groups as the engines of culture.



Comments (4)

Daniel Durrant said

at 12:19 pm on Dec 3, 2010

I'd like some examples of the various levels. Could you explain the similarities and/or differences between Rtubes and Panarchies? We're obviously blending into Panarchy, which I think is good, but we should be clear about how these terms relate. I'm interested in the "strings" between NFractals and Rtubes and how personal Nfractals fit (or not) within Level 1 Rtube (society, city, etc). Yes, again I'm a little lost about concerning the scale of these various Rtube levels and how they interact. I know they're something like matryoshka dolls (or turtles), but I'd personally like to be able to see outside of my Rtube to the Nfractals that string through me (is that how it works?). It seems there are larger Rtubes that are either affecting the ECwave environments in which my Rtube is nested. I'm considering if there are intermediary nodes of time/space Xchange Bplaces between Nfractal threads my Rtubes. Are "NME Complexes" what we are calling Bplaces now? I'm thinking Bplaces are mental fixations from the past. I wonder if Bplaces are intermediary Nfractal forces that determine if Rtubes will either release, exploit, conserve, or recycle/reorganize. It seems we're laying down a stronger foundation based on Panarchy, but we're still faced with the complexity of earlier #ebDish components. Could you return to Bplaces and determine how Rtubes -which I'm assuming are under the spell of Nfractals- relate to them?

Michael J said

at 9:32 am on Dec 4, 2010

I see that the set of Rtubes includes human constructed "tools" that have evolved to allow humans to survive and thrive on the planet Earth. The tools include physical artifacts and the languages that have evolved to "make sense" of inputs that can be considered as infinite or continuous. In that sense they are ECWaves.

Methinks the clearest examples are the Global Financial Markets which have precise indicators in the form of changes in currency prices. The ambiguous part is that it is far from clear what those indicators point to in the real world. The massive movements in the last two years point to the difficulty of "making sense" of what they mean.

Other constructs in this category are "GDP" "unemployment Rates" and the never ending stream of "data" about the state of the "Economy." My own take is the present turmoil has more to do with ambiguous, but precise data that no longer capture the state of the "Real Economy."

Michael J said

at 9:39 am on Dec 4, 2010

Rather than lumping "society, city, into "Level 1" it might be helpful to consider that they are in fact a nested set of Rtubes. Level one for me is the global economy. The best real time indicators are currency prices. Other indicators might be migration flows and the organization of the labor force.

The reality is that Nation States now have to work with the constraints of the global economy. Huge shift in the last 50 years or so. "national choices" are no longer controllable by "national governments.' Wars are now no longer nation state v nation state. Currency is no longer controlled by a "nation state."

The notion is the upper level Rtubes create the Nfractals that constrain the choices of the lower level Rtubes. I think we are now seeing how this is playing out at the State level in the USA.

Michael J said

at 12:13 pm on Dec 4, 2010

"NME Complexes" what we are calling Bplaces now?" For me, NME complexes point to a complex of NMEs that replicate from the Nfractal but stat together in a group. Although I haven't mapped it, I bet it's pretty much the same phenom that memeplex points to.

Bplaces remain for me Behavior Places, the same phenom as the Real World. The key thing to focus on is how an Rtube "behaves" to respond to the tensions that occur when movement is required through a Bplace.

For example, it's pretty clear by now that opinion leaders in K-12 education Rtubes understand that going forward it's going to be about blended learning and learning that is not constrained by Space or TIme constraints. One can say this is the emerging Nfractal about education.

The noise and diversity is how that Nfractal plays out in Diff Bplaces. To complicate matters further, each Bplace has inevitable tensions between the various Rtubes that are engaging at the same time.

In edu (USA)Rtube , now, my first take is that Opinion Leaders have the new Nfractal. What I think I see is that State Governors and some Mayors are in the lead. Bloomberg in NY, Booker in Newark and others that are not yet on my radar. As for Governors, the clearest one on mY radar is in North Carolina where it seems the State Dept of Ed Rtube at the top has a new edu Nfractal. Of course many teachers on twitter have been articulating the same Nfractal from the Ground.

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