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Here we can explore ways to create and share EBD-related mindmaps

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mfrazier@openworld.com said

at 2:04 pm on Mar 23, 2010

Mindmeister.com has a web-based free mindmapping tool - one that can be updated via Tweets or on the web. It seems pretty simple to use. It may be good to try it out with one or more of the project areas (such as social currencies, seeding education breakthroughs, or "games for change" that have sparked a lot of interest in the EBD discussions).

Any thoughts? And early movers who can post a mindmap or two? I recall Spiro (or someone else) had made a comment with a link to a Mindmeister map - but can't find it via the almost-nonfunctional search field on the EBD blog.

I'll be posting a draft Mindmap in coming days on ideas relating to a "Games for Change" initiative - it will be cool if someone else can do something beforehand!


mfrazier@openworld.com said

at 2:32 pm on Mar 23, 2010

Just found it! Here's the EBD-related Mindmap Spiro recently created -


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