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Michael J said

at 11:09 pm on Mar 22, 2010

A datapoint from my experience re weak ties: I tweet interesting(2me). Every once in a while I get an RT. If I "know" the person and am in the mood AND have something to say I respond. Sometimes it turns into a convo. Sometimes not. All good.

If I don't "know" the person, and I am in the mood and have the time, I click on there website. Since it's most usually in an area where I have experience, it usually takes a glance to see what they are up to. Sometimes the site is interesting to me, AT THAT MOMENT, to read further. What I'm scanning for is interesting(2me). When I find it, I tweet it.

The point for weak co operation is that I don't have to invest time or energy in "establishing a relationship" or developing "trust." Because it's all out there, it means a contextualized weak link. Given my personality and dna, I am terrible at small talk. But I'm endlessly curious about what people are doing. I've found that a contextualized - and therefore very rich - weak link is just what I need to move forward with minimal effort and stress.

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