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Crowdfunding and timeraising

Page history last edited by mfrazier@openworld.com 11 years, 4 months ago

Here are ideas/resources that could be useful to EBD and other socnet-inspired initiatives seeking paths to sustainability.  Please add!


I.  CROWDFUNDING (generating funds from tribe members)


Group pledge donation systems



Individual donation systems



  • (links to come)




II.  TIMERAISING (attracting time donations)






Association discounts (group purchase savings)



Affinity cards (debit/credit card revenue-sharing with social ventures)










VI.   IDEA CROWDSOURCING (contests platforms to find funding solutions)



Comments (3)

Michael J said

at 3:39 pm on Mar 21, 2010

Thanks for putting all these links in one place. Just a thought that I didn't see in the links above. The most proven way to turn a tribe into a revenue stream is by selling them souvenirs of the tribal identification. It's an idea Seth Godin describes in lots of detail and is in fact what he did with his last book, just recently released.

To paraphrase, he says use the Internet to form a tribe. That could be a blog, tiwtter, facebook or any other social media. Then monetize it by selling them stuff that gives them the experience of being a member of the tribe. it's the driver behind the new model for the Music Industry. The Music is essentially free. But the fans buy t shirts, posters and concert tickets. From everything I'm seeing this kind of business model is a sustainable solution to how to monetize an economy of "free."

I'm not suggesting this model instead of the approaches listed above. Merely a pretty well worn and defined path to get some money flowing. I think there are lots of applications. The one I'm focused on presently is the idea of having at risk students in high school write books and do posters and other art and sell them to their community. Then take the money to support after school or informal design studio type of activity spaces.

mfrazier@openworld.com said

at 7:23 am on Apr 18, 2010

Agree completely on the "souvenirs of tribal identification" idea. I think it's especially powerful when linked to tribes in online games, hopefully soon to include games where participants design their ideal communities in virtual space, and contend to see them take actual form. The system can be scale insensitive - Google sketchup for best treehouses, gutting & restoring old buildings in Detroit, designing ecoresorts 2.0 in Gabon, Charter Cities (build-operate-transfer) in Haiti, an Earthport in Brazil, and onward and upwards... Milestones can be marked with books, art, 3D print models, etc. A $ market will happen for cool, limited run items from innovative tribes with great stories.

Michael J said

at 7:45 am on Apr 18, 2010

Thank you for the reality check. I noticed this week that Google is giving away physical badges to winners of some kind of RSS game they have running. The link is buried someplace in my twitter stream.

To get some other new print on the radar. @MGI_HQ ,a French outfit is working with @socialprintexp. I think they have good dna as they were one of the very, very few print globals who responded to me in a twitter prob. They got om my radar when I read they sold alot more of their machines than HP did of their Indigos. Just now building up a dealer network through out the States. Based on some twitter exchanges they get both the printernet and matrix codes. I have to believe that they are in a do well by doing good Activity Space.

The really cool thing about their machinery is that they can produce 13 by 37 posters on a laser printer. Blew me away, as it enables 1 to 1 wall posters. Or in almost any Physical Space available. It's the Chinese Wall Poster thing. I bet that would be awesome in Lagos.

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