Helping fix high school dropout factories

Define the mission


On March 10th, Jay posted some useful questions to which I responded as follows:


Jay- I like the idea. Here’s what I would like to do:


What would be the mission?

Help get high school dropout factories in the States fixed faster rather than slower.


What would be possible sequential actions?

Identify the High Schools in poor neighborhoods that work.

Figure out precisely what about their cultures make them work.

Define the underlying principles that can be taken to broken schools

Brainstorm and publicize minimally invasive interventions to improve outcomes.


Would the mission and actions move towards the purpose? Define the mission



Could the community come to “agreements?” and if so on what?

What are the fundamental deployable insights to make drop out factories suck a little less.


How would the community be used to create value for others?

Through example, Social media and create local networks of pockets of social capital to go the last mile.


What would the “knowledge tree” look like that matches the purpose and intentions?

That’s above my experience level for now. If it means the social networks that bring the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, my vote is twitter and whatever other social media tools are available. If it gets down to last mile implementation and mentoring and advising local communites, I vote for basecamp.